Get to know Matin Trading Company better


Get to know Matin Trading Company better

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  • Product diversity
  • Access to the highest quality products
  • Most suitable price
  • High production and packaging capacity
  • Collaboration with top producers and farmers
  • Benefiting from specialized teams in production, packaging, sales, and export.

The Matin Trading team is comprised of specialized departments in procurement, production and packaging, sales and commerce, transportation, and consulting. Matin Trading has been active in the field of selling various Iranian products for over a decade. Our activities began with saffron cultivation and production, wholesale saffron sales within Iran, and the export and sale of authentic Iranian saffron to various countries. Along this path, there were many challenges that we successfully overcame. Over the past few years, we have always tried to update our products and prioritize the needs of our customers. Today, with ample capacity and potential, we have been able to increase the number of products and our company’s product portfolio, raise the quality of our products and deliver high-quality Iranian products to the global market at the lowest possible price (in proportion to quality).



"Get to know the real Iran with us"

One of the ways to access high-quality and premium products is to get to know the best sellers of those products. Have you ever purchased low-quality products? Have you ever bought subpar saffron with the label "Iranian saffron"? Rest assured, those were not high-quality Iranian products.

Come with us and experience the fresh and premium taste of Iranian products.

"Our goal is not to sell a product, but to buy your smile."

By Mohammad Nourmohammadi


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Production line of Matin Company's packaging factory