About Matin Co.

    Matin Trading Group is one of the best companies for selling and exporting Iranian saffron and nuts to different countries.


    Matin Trading Company has been established with the aim of presenting and distributing all kinds of pure and quality saffron in domestic and foreign markets.

    The company’s products are divided into the following 5 general categories.

    1. Saffron & Saffron seasoning
    2. Saffron packaging containers
    3. Saffron onion (sold in Iran)
    4. Saffron processing machines
    5. Nuts


    Matin Trading Company, which is active in supplying, consulting and selling saffron and related products. In order to maintain its main criterion, which has always been customer satisfaction, it tries to identify the best production and technical teams and, with the cooperation of their best, to offer first-class and quality products all over the world.


    • Ease of access for applicants in all countries
    • Introducing and presenting the best Iranian saffron in the world
    • Maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction in order to receive a high quality product
    • Pay attention to customer quality feedback and follow up to improve the process
    • Identify the top production and technical teams and work with them
    • Quantitative and qualitative development of products and attention to other needs of customers according to the basic product (saffron)
    • Efforts to improve sales engineering and thus reduce the concerns of manufacturers as well as buyers

    Company policy

    We believe that we must continue on our path according to four principles:

    • Quality
    • Price
    • Designing
    • Customer trust and satisfaction

    We strive to increase the quality of our services day by day so that we can be a good supplier to you.