Export Pushal saffron-the Best Quality and fresh classy

Export Pushal saffron from iran.
Pushal Saffron has been bought and sold in a lower price than saffron in order to carry some whites in the market.
The purchase price of Pushal Saffron is far lower than the type of negin as well as more buyers.

As you know:
the type of Pushal is said to be a form of saffron, in which the red stigma, with 2 to 3 centimeters, is dried into it.

Therefore, a large part of the weight of this product is related to the cream, which is lacking in decolorization and reduces the decolorization index or crocin in the tests.

This can be considered as the most important reason for the less price of Pushal type than Sargol and Negin. But note in some cases the white amount is so low that it can be viable.

Export Pushal Saffron-a new and classy

In Pushal saffron, lower cream and whiteness with red stigma is pushal saffron compared with saffron, due to a higher percentage of stigma, has higher staining power.

Export of Pushal and high quality saffron

Among all kinds of negin, super, Pushal, category and… You can get the best export options in accordance with the target market and we can be able to export the desired product by focusing on the target market.
Fortunately, the diversity of the existing product allows for an unparalleled export and this is the best area if we can take a correct path in the field and with a proper management, it can be very desirable steps to export withdrawals.

Iranian saffron

In markets that focus on product quality, we can have unique samples in negin and Super Saffron, and about the price-centered saffron we can experience pushal samples and various kinds of powders.
The export of saffron Pushal high quality in the markets and price-centered exchanges together we can experience the sample and font-based samples, as well as the target market, can be desirable choices for the target market.

Export saffron must have the potential to provide the desired target market and hence, tailored to each target market should walk toward the optimal product offering.
In the target market, the required standards, certificates and favorable conditions are prepared, and fortunately, the Iranian high quality Pushal saffron, along with Sargol and Negin Saffron, can easily obtain the necessary standards for export markets.

Understanding how to export saffron

Saffron exports need to provide certain conditions.
Saffron Shopping & Packaging
Get Standard Certificate
Receiving Health Certificate
Business Card Presentation

Since the beginning of 96, exports of saffron is banned in bulk and this is a good opportunity to enter the trade of the goods.

Saffron is one of the exporter and the most valuable Iranian products, which is known throughout the world.

Saffron is also known as red gold.

And in many provinces, Ali is produced especially in the eastern cities of the country and a large part of these productions are exported abroad.

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