Export saffron packing to Turkey-saffron types

Export saffron packing to Turkey is done by Matin Trading Company.
Do you want to buy high quality Iranian saffron?
Do you want to do saffron trade in Turkey?
We can work with you to export the best Iranian saffron to Turkey.

Saffron (Crocus Sativus) from the Iris family is a herbaceous perennial plant without stems and onions.
It contains more than 100 components, but its three main components include:

Crocin (responsible for orange color) is saffron. Picrocrocin (bitter taste) provides saffron.

Safranal (responsible for odor) is saffron.

Because of the valuable ingredients in saffron, saffron has been introduced as a very important medicinal plant.
The three most important antioxidant, antioxidant and antioxidant properties of apoptosis in infected cells are the valuable strategies to protect this valuable plant against malignant cells, while also being able to modulate immune system activity.
The export of Iranian packaged saffron has made other countries

Production of saffron with wonderful properties

enjoy its extraordinary properties as well.
One of the most important factors in improving the production and quality of saffron are farmers.
If the necessary measures taken to produce saffron plant, regardless of the role and influence of the farmer will not be a good return.

This is important because the production of saffron and the attention of the farmer lead to better and safer production of saffron. Proper weather, fertile soil, experienced and experienced farmers are among the factors affecting the quality of Iranian saffron, which has led other countries, including our neighboring country to Turkey, to buy these expensive spices despite Its nutritional uses also apply to various industries.

This welcome has made the export of saffron packaging to the attention of saffron manufacturers and businessmen.

The best kind of saffron for export to Turkey

Now we introduce you to the types of saffron. Classification of saffron according to quality, respectively, includes the following.

 Negin Saffron:

The three branches of the stigmas are separated. There is no white part in it. It is smooth and without frustration. It is also well-colored and well-shaped.

Export saffron packing to Turkey-saffron types

 Sargol saffron:

Only the stigmas of saffron or the same strand are cut and there is no white or yellow in the saffron. The only part of the saffron stigma is cut and the filament is separately clean.

Export saffron packing to Turkey-saffron types

 Pushal saffron:

Contains red stigmas of saffron with some of the saffron cream.

Export saffron packing to Turkey-saffron types

Bunch saffron:

Contains red, orange, and white parts of saffron that wrap around like a bouquet.

Export saffron packing to Turkey-saffron types

Broken saffron:

Products that are generally broken are called broken saffron.

Export saffron packing to Turkey-saffron types

White saffron :

White saffron Its other names are root saffron and hemp saffron.
Like other parts of the saffron, it is not pigmented but has a fragrance.
Most commonly used in dietary supplements and traditional medicine.

Export saffron packing to Turkey-saffron types

But now the question arises which of the different types of saffron is more suitable for export to other countries?
Among the saffron mentioned, Negin saffron and Sargol saffron are among the best types of saffron with the highest pigmentation.
However between the two, which one to choose as the export saffron?
We recommend buying Sorgol Saffron because Sorgol is one of the best examples of saffron and most customers are more familiar with it.
In this type of saffron there is no yellow or saffron root and only partially cut saffron.

Export saffron packing is done by Matin Trading Company.

Colgate is also known by other names such as pen, root and privileged head. Finally, among the saffron varieties, sorghum is used more than others. The color strength of this product is 230 to 225 , So the most suitable saffron for export to Turkey and other neighboring countries is Sargol saffron.

Export saffron packing to Turkey – the best way to export

Turkey is a neighbor of Iran.
Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world annually hosts a large number of tourists from all over the world.
Due to the variety of weather in this country, the tourist is not empty all year round.
In addition, it is commercially and economically linked to European countries The methods of exporting goods include air, sea and land, which according to the product, which is saffron, we should be more careful because it is unlike other

commodities, for example, by land transport.
Due to its heavy weight, it has to be exported to Turkey by airline.
Because saffron, despite its small weight and volume, has a very high material value and exporting it by other available methods has no rational or economic justification.

So we are always reminded to use airlines to export this important product.

Export saffron packing to Turkey is done by Matin Trading Company.

 Price per kilo of saffron in Turkey

It is important to note that Turkey is a country with a high level of tourism throughout the year and even in terms of monetary value, its value is higher than that of Iran. Not fixed.
Therefore, the price and cost of saffron in that country varies with a country like Iran.
We recommend merchants and traders who are active in the field of saffron or are keen to enter the field, first assessing their target market and acquainting themselves with the conditions of sales and prices of saffron in that country, and then taking action.To buy saffron.
It should be noted that the price of saffron in the Turkish market is different from that of the sales companies.
If you would like to know about saffron export to Turkey and know about the process of exporting saffron, please contact our numbers.

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