Export saffron price

price export saffron in Germany and Europe

price export saffron in Germany vary according to the quality of export saffron. Are you looking for buying and selling export saffron in Germany? Contact our colleagues for advice on buying and buying the best Iranian export saffron.

Saffron is one of the most valuable products of the country. Saffron is cultivated in different countries.

Due to the production and cultivation of more than 85 percent of the world’s saffron, Iran has been recognized as the world’s largest saffron producer.

As a result, many countries want to buy Iranian saffron.

Among these countries are Spain, Germany, neighboring countries of Iran, as well as China and Korea and etc

If traders can focus on saffron imports, they will have a lot of profits for them as well as the economy of the country.

Prices for saffron exports to different countries are different. There are many factors affecting the export price of saffron. Which causes a large dispersion in price.

price export saffron in high quality of type

One of the most important factors affecting the export price of saffron is the following:

The saffron price of different types is different. Meanwhile, the types that want more internationally, have better prices than other products.

  • Product quality

The better the quality of the product, the more customers in all countries. Among the types of saffron, two kinds of jeweled and rattan, most exports to different countries.

  • Saffron consumption method

What customers can buy saffron for can also be effective in pricing saffron. For example, saffron packaging and distribution companies in countries that sell a lot of saffron products are known to be familiar with Iran’s day-market prices and are looking to produce saffron at the lowest prices.

Export of first class saffron to Germany

One of the countries that buys a lot of saffron from Iran is Germany.

It has two types of sparrows and neiges more than other types.

Given the price export saffron to this country, merchants can have a special focus on this country.

Its high costs include home use and distribution in stores as well as consumption in food factories.

Matin Trading Co., with its high experience in exporting saffron, can export various kinds of Iranian saffron to various countries, including Germany.

You can contact sales partners to buy products.

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