Purchase price of Iranian saffron - import of saffron to Oman

Purchase price of Iranian saffron – import of saffron to Oman

The purchase price of Iranian saffron is not always the same and varies according to different parameters.
One of these items is the quality of saffron, which has a direct impact on the price.
If you are one of the customers who are looking to import saffron to Oman, be sure to read the following.

In this article, we try to provide you with basic information about saffron as well as the price of this product.

We will also explain how to export saffron to Oman.

History of saffron cultivation in Iran

Saffron, which is very important among medicinal plants, is a very old product.

The history of cultivation of this plant dates back to more than 3000 years ago. Where the Iranians used this product as a spice and condiment among the dishes of the courtiers of the empires.

over time other countries such as Greece began to cultivate the crop.

Today, different countries, along with Iran, are cultivating this crop.


Afghanistan, Spain, India, Belgium and …

But it should be noted that Iranian saffron is in the highest global rank, both in terms of production and quality.

Purchase price of saffron and parameters affecting it

This product is very valuable, it has a lot of financial value. It is packaged in of four grams, two grams, one gram and even lower.

Parameters affecting the purchase price of saffron

Type of saffron

There are different types of saffron, the best of which is Negin saffron. The higher the quality of saffron, the higher its price.

For example, the price of first-class Sargol saffron is higher than Pushal saffron.

Package type

As you know, today the packaging industry has a lot of progress and products can be seen in various packages in the market.

This is also the case with saffron. There are different packages for it.

  • Pocket packaging
  • polycrystalline containers
  • metal containers
  • And…

Each of these packages can change the price of the product.

Time of purchase

One of the parameters effecting the price of saffron is the time of purchase.

It should be noted that saffron is grown only once a year in mid autumn.

As a result, if the time of purchase of the product is close to the time of saffron flower growth, due to the increase in the supply of saffron, its price will be in the best conditions.

The farther we go from the time of saffron harvest, the less the stock and its supply, and this can be a factor in increasing the price.

saffron Import to Oman – the best Iranian saffron

After the explanations that we provided about saffron and its price, we want to talk about the import of saffron to Oman.

The best Iranian saffron is exported to various countries, including Oman.

Oman is located in close to Iran in terms of geographical location and is considered as one of the most important importers of Iranian saffron.

Saffron is exported to Oman in two ways.

By sea:

This way purchases are sent from Iranian ports and this is suitable for bulk orders.

Air way:

In this method, orders are sent from the customs of Iranian airports. Due to the volume and value of saffron, air method can be the best and most cost-effective method of sending.

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