Our Services

    In addition to selling products, we provide the necessary services for the well-being of customers


    Due to the high diversity of our products. It will be difficult for you to choose a product.
    Do not worry.
    We are by your side to give you the necessary advice based on our experiences so that you can have the easiest and best purchase.

    What kind of saffron do you want to choose?

    What kind of containers and packaging do you want to choose?

    Do you want to use your own design? And you want to design packaging?

    What method should be used to send the load?

    Do you know how to use saffron?

    These are just some of the concerns of customers

    We provide the necessary consulting to solve them.

    Export products

    There are several ways to deliver products to you

    We will choose the best method according to the customer’s condition.

    Shipping methods:

    Air transport


    Land shipping

    Our suggestions:

    To send saffron:

    use the method of sending air cargo. Because it is affordable.

    To send container and Box:

    In case of low order (Total weight is low):

    The air transport method is suitable.

    In case of large order (High total weight):

    Land and sea transportation is convenient

    Orders will be shipped within two working days after preparation.

    Small orders (purchase from the store)

    Orders are sent through the post office.

    If the conditions are good, store orders will be delivered to the customer ten to twenty days later.

    Consulting and sales